Our History

East Bay Ice Co., Inc. has been producing ice since 1932. The facility has been family owned and operated since 1976. East Bay Ice proudly represents four generations of ice professionals, dating back to the times when ice was harvested from frozen lakes and delivered via horse and buggy. We’ve grown up in the business, adapted to change, and continue to produce the clearest, best ice around.

East Bay Ice is a wholesale manufacturer, selling to other ice distributors, fish houses, and restaurants. We also sell to the public from our two retail platforms: East Bay Ice in East Providence, RI and Glacier Ice in Warren, RI. All of our ice is manufactured on premises, in East Providence, RI. Our plant manufactures 300 pound block ice and manufactures and bags cocktail ice; with the capacity to produce over 150 ton of ice daily. Our customer profile ranges from the walk-up customer requiring one 5 pound bag to customers that require 2,500 ton of ice yearly.​​

Quality Control

Our manufacturing plant is certified by the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) who utilizes NSF International to perform facility inspections that demand the highest of cleanliness and safety standards in order to pass inspection. The IPIA developed the Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards (PIQCS) Program, which is based on the FDA’s Federal Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) for food products and is tailored specifically to packaged ice. The IPIA combines their PIQCS program with the Hazard Analysis/Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. Together, these two programs make up the IPIA’s ‘PIQCS-Plus’ certification. East Bay Ice proudly holds this certification, which is earned by passing yearly inspections. Our manufacturing facility is FDA certified, consistently meeting all requirements and guidelines required to maintain these certifications.​​